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Delhi porta cabin GENSYS- Site Office, School, Guest House, Ware House

GENSYS panels can be erected on a concrete floor slab in which connector studs were embedded or built on stage ground and stabilized with the  ground anchorage. GENSYS panels are then related together and further fixed with connectors to from the walls and the roof. it’s far feasible to reuse the machine and amplify the blanketed place as and while required

Porta Cabins

GENSYS building systems is a whole panel machine designed specially for immediate construction of residential, industrial and business systems in all climates and terrains. It’s an appealing, cost powerful and energy green opportunity to conventional creation. those mild weight panels are eleven layered machine the usage of especially  formulated composite resins in aggregate with galvanized metal and increased polystyrene these composite panels are designed for interlocking and can be mounted into any modular design.

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